Thought – Them Horrors Be Everywhere


The dark, empty hallway doesn’t belong to only demons, ghosts and supernatural entities. Sometimes average man or woman can too, be lurking around the lightless corner, seen or unseen from far away. Did you see their unnerving smile as well?

I hate most of the today’s horror movie because most of them use jumpscare. But without the element of surprise, it can’t deliver its impact and the feeling of being hunted. Even a spectacular horror movie such as Sinister uses jumpscare, but they did it brilliantly. Books are rarely to deliver the similar circumstances. The vocabulary and playful sentences play a significant role to convey the terrifying plot. And this book has that, plus it is very disturbingly pleasant.

Julya Oui is a convincing writer. From the beginning of her book, it gave me the goosebumps. She knows how to define of being frightened and unnerved through her writing. Not to say it is bad, in fact, you might be taken interest to how she came up with this deranged stories. You might even think alike her as well.

Some of the chapters are magnificent. The rest were mediocre. It is worth mentioning that the An Uninvited Twilight chapter was a nightmare. Imagine yourself, escaping from everyday’s ordeal, and has found a strange hobby that leads you into an unfathomable hallucination that makes you see ‘it’; a distorted and gnarly face in every human being during the twilight zone. Eyes are black and sunken, multiple sharp teeth around the mouth, and long fingernail. And imagine, a demon is standing still at a dark corner. Just watching you. Watching you patiently with a sly grin.

Horrifying, isn’t it?

The Always a Beauty Queen was surreal as if you were there participating in the narrative. It wasn’t a ghostly adventure but a psychological undertaking; a disturbing one. How can an unpleasant journey be very captivating? Or is it that humans are irrational and demented? I could not be the only one.

Mother of all things chapter was a creepy tale. How could you keep quiet about your mother’s corpse in the house? Or did she actually died in the house?

‘Them Horrors Be Everywhere’ was one of the great horror books from Malaysia I have read so far. It is well written and enjoyable. The only problem I have with the author is with the characters. They were, in my opinion, vague and unmemorable that could throw off the story into a confusing fest. Despite that, I can’t wait for more of her confusing yet horrifying tales in the next book.

7☠ / 10☠


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