How is,

How is, my house?

How cute. Every morning I wake up, it has nothing but welcomes me the cold air excreted from my air-cond. So cold, too quiet, yet I feel fine. The silent atmosphere breaks by the noise coming out from my smartphone. I almost always open a game app. Maybe I can’t afford to fall back asleep and slumber through the afternoon, or maybe I was looking for something to fill in my deserted heart. Ah, how sad. How dreadful.

That morning, I have to wake up early. Earlier than usual. Not later than what I should be to every other morning. The sun waited for me to come out before making her appearance. How boring. I’ve been stuck in this airport for 23 hours. Thinking I shouldn’t wake up that early. How infuriating. I can’t help it. It wasn’t necessary.

I have been calling the Customer helpline for more than 10 times. Was it even necessary to count, when you’re that angry? “We will call you back as soon as we can” They didn’t. How incompetent. Now I’m here sitting, on an airplane, motionless, trying to run away from the yesterday predicament. How dumb. It will chase me until I chase it away.

“I’m sorry.” said my agent. At least someone felt sympathy, was it for me? At least we have renewed our house lease. At least, at least, at least. I can’t ask for more than a cold morning, can I? Oh, Autumn is coming. Maybe I can’t.

I didn’t ask for a cold morning.

My tenants. I wish to see them, not more than a lifetime. Probably a year. Am I being harsh? They, hmm. How unresponsive, but not irresponsible. ?. Maybe I’m being too nice. It’s not flattering. How stupid.

How is, my house? It is not but filled with dilemmas. My eyes are getting heavier, darker from all that morning, all 7 days. But, the night, ah yes, that one night, was very beautiful.

It kept me awake until the next morning. It was harmless. How warm.

“Thank you for flying with us.” So, How is, my home?




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