Thought- Semusim di Barzakh


“Kini aku mengerti…Hidup hanya sekali” 

“I have grasped of that..we live only once”

Pardon my English translation, it may not sound as good as in Malay language.

Semusim di Barzakh is a Malay-titled novel about a sinner’s journey in the afterlife based on the Islamic belief. The story began when the Protagonist came back from a reunion party where he has abruptly left after finding out his crush has killed herself. He was then encountered a mysterious woman-in-white after reaching to his chalet room. Weird shits happened, he shat himself, ran away and died in a car crash (after falling down the stairs). Thus began his journey into the afterlife. -Pops confetti- Sorry that was inappropriate of me.

The mysterious life and process in the afterlife left Fayyadh, our protagonist befuddled, anguished and desolated. What an unwanted fate and pain. This author has used brilliant words (in Malay) to express his character in a tormented state. You can’t help but feel a curse; to be parted from your parents, your bestfriend and the world. Imagine that the world you once knew, were no more and will be returned.

The adventure of Fayyadh will keep your butt seated and your eyes actively clawing for the next page, either beaming for hope or desperation. The narration for the characters in the novel can bring goosebumps and heartache. The denial, grief, and guilt are so vivid that will leave you nothing but helpless for the main character. Despite that, you can’t stop but being hopeful for him on the next page, and maybe, for yourself as well. The whole unexpected undertaking is debatably detailed based on al-Quran, therefore, it should be taken as a reminder of what a horrible place for a conscious sinner in Barzakh (purgatory).

I don’t dig Malay novel because the current market produces cheap love stories and dumb horror writings, but among that trash are the books like this that are hidden. I would say, it has been a great but terrifying ride.

And remember, whether you are religious or not, or even an atheist:

“Tiap-tiap yang berjiwa akan merasakan mati”

“Every living thing will experience death”


Overall: ☪☪☪☪

Content: ☪☪☪☪☪

Fun factor: ☪☪☪☪



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