28 days have passed but I feel no difference, nothing has changed. The year repeats itself from winter to summer. The familiar life, ah, the familiar odour and light. 2016+1 bears a lot of new and old opportunities, old and new goals. Each day of every year, I will wake up, lazily, thinking the next day of myself will complete my to-do lists. I want to be outstanding, smart, and peaceful. Those were the days, or will be?

I’m thinking..and thinking. I believe it is a wasteful action. There is no content in thinking. You just love to make yourself look busy. Ideas without thought? How annoying. Contradicting. Every night it’s the same thinking. Even though, it puts you to ease. Somehow, it helps.

No resolution for 2016+1 but only hope, and eagerness.

  1. Books, I want to read 19 books (bronze) – 28 (silver) – 45 books (Gold)
  2. Stronger. 3 times a week (C) – A marathon (B) – 25 Pull ups (A) – Morning workout (S)
  3. Money. A job (✓) – a DJI Phantom (✓✓) – Golden key Intern (✓✓✓) – Navitas Intern (✓✓✓✓)
  4. Smarter: JLPT (1.0) – IELTS (2.0) – HD (3.0) – Swedish (4.0)


How cute.

Maybe I should stick with I’m already used to: telling lies to myself.

That I have no problem with my life currently.




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